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Tourette Syndrome
Support Group

Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc.
73 James P. Kelly Way
Middletown , NY 10940

Representatives of the New York Hudson Valley chapter of TSA (TSA-NYHV) Board member Jocelyn Figueroa and her son, Youth Ambassador Camerin Figueroa facilitate life with Tourette Syndrome.

 Contact Jocelyn Figueroa at
or call 845-342-2400 ext, 1254 for more information. Joining a meeting is a good chance to meet others living with TS and their families. 

Tourette syndrome is a neurological disorder that is characterized by involuntary, rapid sudden movement and/or vocalizations that occur repeatedly; and Tourette syndrome affects more than 200,000 Americans and millions more worldwide who exhibit some symptoms, but remain undiagnosed.

Tourette syndrome can affect individuals of all racial, ethnic or social backgrounds and occurs more often among males than females; and many individuals diagnosed with Tourette syndrome often feel isolated and unaccepted by society because of lack of understanding relating to hidden effects of the disorder such as Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, depression, mood disorder, learning disabilities, executive dysfunction disorder and sensory integration dysfunction; through early diagnosis, early intervention and treatment, children and adults who have Tourette syndrome can and do live productive, meaningful lives in communities throughout Orange County, New York State, and worldwide.

It is vitally important that educational and community outreach relating to Tourette syndrome be supported and enhanced; and Mental Health Association in Orange County and New York Hudson Valley Chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Association seek to inform the community about Tourette syndrome and provision of services to individuals with the disorder.. We offer an opportunity for advocates, families of children with Tourette syndrome and other caring individuals in the community to focus on the needs of people who have Tourette syndrome. It is fitting to increase public awareness among all residents of Orange County about this important matter.

Networking Group
 for Parents of individuals with

Meet with other parents from Orange County to share information, experiences, ideas and to provide mutual support.

Meeting the fourth Thursday of alternate months

Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc.
73 James P. Kelly Way
Middletown , NY 10940

(845) 342-2400 ext. 1253 and 1254 Fax: (845) 343-9665

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Please call for details and meeting dates.

Camerin Figeuroa presents to the group the Tourette Syndrome Association Ambassador Program. TSA's Youth Ambassador Program trains teens to talk about TS. The program gives young people with TS, their siblings, friends and classmates the preparation they need to speak about TS before their peers at school, sports leagues, scout troops, camps and and after school programs.

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