24 hr crisis intervention information and referrals
(800) 832-1200 calling outside of Orange County

Programs and Services

ATM (Access To Money Reimbursement Program) - Fiscal assistance for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families for goods and services or reimbursement for recent expenditures not otherwise within the family budget. Advocacy, information and linkage related to fiscal issues. Click here for Application Form

OPWDD ELIGIBILTY REQUIRED- Notice of Decision from Hudson Valley DDRO. Call 845-342-2400 Ext 1253 for eligibility requirements.

ASSIST- Acquiring Social Skills Through Intervention, Support, and Training is a group facilitated by a Special Education Teacher desinged for children aged 5-10 yo who are residents of Orange County and have OPWDD eligibility.

Applicants will have an initial in-home evaulation before participating in meetings which will occur in a set of 9 meetings. Three 9 week sessions are held throughout the year. Once a child completes 9 sessions, they can continue to meet with their peers once monthly during the ASSIST Reunion sessions.

·         Grandparents of enrolled children are invited to attened a group twice a year.

·         The group holds an annual meeting for all active ASSIST and Reunion members.

There is no charge for this training/support group, however, pre-registration is required.

OPWDD ELIGIBILTY REQUIRED- Notice of Decision from Hudson Valley DDRO. Call 845-342-2400 Ext 1254 for eligibility.

Mission: Formed in 2004, AMOC strives to support families who cope with Autism and related disorders. These families face their struggle often in isolation and at great personal hardship. AMOC aims to raise public awareness of Autism through seminars and media campaigns in Orange County. AMOC works to provide information and networks to help empower families and the community, so that we can better address the unique and troubling challenges of this health problem. AMOC also aims to raise understanding and tolerance in Orange County. We advocate for those people, often voiceless, who might act or look different, who should be respected, and loved for whom they (or we) are.

Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc. administers annual donation from AMOC for the Autism Spectrum Fund. Click here for Application Form

BLUE RENAISSANCE Social skill-building group for young adults over the age of 18 on the autism spectrum. Schedule
CAPIS (Crisis Assessment and Prevention Intervention Services) - Information, linkage and crisis intervention prevention services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Provides parent support groups, advocacy, life planning, benefits counselling and educational seminars.

Click Here For More Information and eligibility requirements for the CAPIS Program

Community Habilitation
(Home and Community Based Waiver Services)

Home and community based independent living skills training for people with developmental disabilities through the Home and Community Based Services Waiver (HCBS).
Matching individuals who have a mental illness in a one-to-one friendship with community volunteers. Compeer helps to bridge the gaps of services already in place for individuals with mental illness. The friends agree to visit with each other for at least 4 hours a month for one year.


Rehabilitative services for individuals who are homeless and have a mental illness.
Coordinated In-Home Support Project (CIHS)
A Collaboration of six agencies in Orange County providing 1:1 services for children with autism spectrum disorders to promote skill building at home and in the community.
Provides support groups, newsletters, advocacy and educational services to families and friends of adults and children experiencing mental or emotional disabilities.
A Social skills group for youth ages 9 to 17 with social, behavioral or emotional difficulties. Groups meet throughout Orange County. FRIENDS SCHEDULE
Friends Application
Guardianship assistance for families of individuals with development disabilities living in Orange County. Letter regarding fees for 17A guardianship services from Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc.
Health Homes
Care Coordination Program serving the needs of individuals with Medicaid who have chronic conditions. This special service emphasizes the treatment of the whole person. To this end, Health Homes integrate and coordinate all primary, acute, behavioral health and long-term services and supports.
HELPLINE 1-800-832-1200 / 845-346-HELP 24-hour Hotline provides crisis intervention, information and referrals, 7 days a week, for all residents of Orange County.
A joint project between MHA, Rehabilitation Support Services and National Alliance on Mental Illness to provide supported housing with intensive support services for individuals with psychiatric disabilities in Orange County.

HCBS Home and Community Based Services Program for HARP (Health and Recovery Plan) adults (21 years and older) enrolled in Medicaid with mental illness and substance use disorder diagnosis. Services include psychosocial rehabilitation, habitation, transitional employment, on-going supported employment and family support and training.

Home and Community Based Services Brochure

A psycho-social club which offers skill building groups such as nutrition, wellness, and vocational, as well as travel activities and supports in the community and an opportunity for social interaction for adults with a psychiatric disability.
In Home After School/Day Program Respite
After school and after adult day program respite for individuals with developmental disabilities living with their family in Orange County.
Family case management and supported housing for adults with a psychiatric disability and their children. Respite childcare, recreational therapy and in-home clinical consultant services are available.
ISS (Individual Supported Services)
A funding stream, which creates more independent housing opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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