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Crisis Assesment Prevention Intervention Services

For Individuals with Developmental Disabilities and their families


Who is eligible for CAPIS?

Individuals who have a developmental disability, their families and caregivers are eligible.
Developmental disabilities may include an intellectual/developmental disability (IDD), cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy, and neurological impairments.

What can CAPIS provide?

  • 24 -hour telephone crisis intervention
    -someone to listen to you
    -assistance in connecting with appropriate services or programs
    Dial 311

  • Advocacy and follow-up
    -an advocate to help make phone calls, attend meetings, assist with
    Social Services, Social Security.

  • Short term crisis counseling
    -private meetings with a behaviorist or social worker
    -assistance in understanding and managing difficult behavior

  • Support for family members
    -parent support groups
    -educational seminars
    -parent training

  • Information and referral
    -linkage to programs/services
    -lending library

Is there a fee for CAPIS services?

There is no fee for CAPIS services which can be provided on
in your home, in our office or other locations

Who will help you at CAPIS?

The Developmental Disability Family Support Supervisor is your initial contact.
She can assist you by providing information, referrals and linkage to other services, short-term
service coordination and advocacy. Certified social workers and behaviorists will provide the
direct counseling services, behavioral training and additional crisis intervention.

How does one contact CAPIS?

For CAPIS services and information call

Mental Health Association Offices

8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday

(845) 342-2400 ext. 1253 or email to

For immediate assistance/crisis intervention.

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Dial 311 calling outside of Orange County ( 845)-346-HELP

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